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Mobile Wheel Repair

Why Buy a New Rim, When You Can Repair the Rim you Have?

   We can repair all aluminum and alloy wheels:
  Curb damage
  Facial damage
  Discoloration due to age
  Brake dust stains and damage
  Damage from harsh chemicals





Our Service
All painted wheels are color matched and clear coated to give it the same appearance as a new wheel. Your wheels can be repaired to like new condition for a fraction of the cost of a new wheel! Regardless if it's a domestic or import wheel we can make it look like new again.

We Come to You!
 Our services are mobile and wheels are repaired while on your vehicle.

How Does the Process Work?

The first step in our process begins by evaluating and identifying damaged area. We then access How much time is needed to perform job and give you time estimate.

We start by removing the damaged area's and reshaping the wheels. This work is done with various tools and truly is an art learned by years of experience.

Once the repair is finished, we begin to prepare wheel for paint. This includes scuffing and cleaning rim debris to make sure a good bond between paint and wheel will be achieved.

After the wheel has been repaired, prepped and inspected we shoot it with the highest quality paints and clear coats furthering durability and protecting your alloy investment.

After painting we dress the tire to give you that "fresh off the dealership floor" shine!!
What if we can not Repair the Damaged Wheel?

When we evaluate your wheel, we will tell you right away if it is possible to repair. If your wheel damage is beyond repair, we can help you locate a replacement.


Cash or Checks Accepted

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